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Maybin and LB prospects

Posted by Chris Brown on October 12, 2009 – 1:39 pm

A lot of Bills fans have been emailing me in the wake of the linebacker injuries asking if Aaron Maybin is a realistic consideration at the position. So I asked Dick Jauron if Maybin has been considered.

His answer was a brief ‘No.’ And I understand why. First, they’re trying to develop Maybin as a pass rushing end. Sure he could still rush from a linebacker position on passing downs, but the other responsibilities are foreign to Maybin at LB. He’d be learning from scratch on the fly. If a guy has talent as a pass rusher you don’t move him further away from the ball.

The Bills will work out a handful of free agents and pick the best two to fill the soon to be vacant roster spots and go from there. Maybin will stay put as a pass rusher from the end position.

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