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Draft and Johnson know defense

Posted by Chris Brown on October 14, 2009 – 9:25 am

Chris Draft and Todd Johnson, who signed today, are two veteran players that the coaches won’t have to worry about.

With so much youth at linebacker Draft will be a wealth of experience at the position. I’m anticipating that he’ll be backing up Keith Ellison at MLB while he gets up to speed. Then when Poz comes back Draft will remain the backup MLB and Ellison will return to his strong side position. He’s also familiar with the defensive system having been in versions of it in St. Louis.

By signing Johnson, Nic Harris can now re-focus his efforts on linebacker after practicing at safety the past two weeks due to the shortage there. Johnson knows the defensive system inside and out having played it under Perry Fewell in Chicago and he most recently played it in St. Louis.

Veteran players that know the system are important to have when you’ve been short handed on bodies. The interesting thing here is the Bills now have six safeties on the roster. Whitner, Scott, Byrd, Wendling, Wilson and now Johnson. Five is a high number, six is unusual. But the Bills are in an unusual injury circumstance.

It will be interesting to see what Bryan Scott is able to do today with respect to practice. He had a workout with trainers on Tuesday as did Donte Whitner. Both were optimistic about playing Sunday. We’ll have the practice update for you here right around noon.

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