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Jets still steamed over Mon. night loss

Posted by Chris Brown on October 15, 2009 – 9:34 am

Jets head coach Rex Ryan went straight to the office after his team landed back in New Jersey following the Monday night loss to Miami to get right back to work. The defensive players were also given the riot act on Wednesday in team meetings.

As reported in the Daily News the players commented on Ryan’s rant and how motivated they are to redeem themselves this week against the Bills here are some of the player comments that appeared in the Daily News today. 

“When you see him emotional that way, you know you were pretty pathetic,” said safety Kerry Rhodes, who described Ryan’s rant as “PG-13 . “It wasn’t R-rated, but there were a few more expletives than PG-13.”

When asked if there was a greater sense of urgency LB Bart Scott had this answer.

“Damn straight, there is,” he said. “(Monday night) was the one time we had this year to show the world what type of team we are, and now they believe we’re something else…. I can’t wait to hit somebody. I can’t wait to step out there and see somebody in another jersey, so I can take all this pain and all this embarrassment I’m feeling and inflict it on someone else.”

“We got humbled,” said Calvin Pace. “Sometimes that’s not such a bad thing. We just have to take it out on Buffalo.”

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