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Holding onto winning feeling

Posted by Chris Brown on October 19, 2009 – 3:25 pm

As far from perfect as Buffalo’s overtime win may have been Sunday in the Meadowlands, there was a jubilant locker room afterwards. The weight of a three-game losing streak had been lifted and Buffalo’s coaching staff made sure the players held onto one thing.

“After three weeks of consecutive losses, sometimes it’s hard to remember what that winning feeling feels like when you’ve been down so long,” said George Wilson. “Guys were hugging each other, coaches were hugging players. It was a celebrated locker room, and what was said was, ‘Remember this winning feeling. It’s been a while since we felt it so remember the things we did to experience this feeling.’

“I know we made mistakes because I just watched the film so there were mistakes out there that were made and we have to correct those and minimize our mental errors and continue to make plays when opportunities come our way. It changes your mindset going into this week’s game coming off a win as opposed to four consecutive losses.

“To see our team stay together and play together and have as much fun as we did yesterday shows the resiliency and perseverance that this team has. Regardless of the circumstances we’re going to do our job the best that we can and not let the man next to us down. It feels great to be here on a victory Monday.”

And several players were at One Bills Drive. Injured players naturally have to get treatment, but there were a lot of healthy players coming in for film review on their own accord despite being given the day off by Coach Jauron.

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