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Jauron on Roscoe being inactive

Posted by Chris Brown on October 19, 2009 – 11:30 am

Bills head coach Dick Jauron was asked about Roscoe Parrish being inactive Sunday knowing there’s a perception out there that it was due to dissatisfaction in his performance. Jauron offered the following response to that question.

“Perception is in the eye of the perceiver,” said Jauron. “The switch was made there for a lot of reasons. Number one was the availability of Fred. Once Marshawn came back it gave us more room to use Fred in other ways where we really like him. And one of those ways is a return guy. When he’s our return guy it gives us more options for us across the board. We can get Stevie Johnson up as a receiver and we like Stevie and would like to keep developing him. He’s a special teams participant other than as a returner. He can play teams for us and it gives us a chance to get Justin Jenkins on the field for us who has been critical for us on special teams for us.

“It allowed us more leeway in terms of game decisions and personnel decisions. Both Roscoe and Freddy are terrific returners. We didn’t feel like we were losing much quite frankly.”

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