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Owens on why numbers are down

Posted by Chris Brown on October 22, 2009 – 1:19 pm

Though he was targeted more in the game against the Jets last week (8 times) Terrell Owens provided his explanation as to why he hasn’t made as many game changing plays as fans are used to seeing from the veteran wideout.

“It just depends on the defense,” said Owens. “I think that with the limited amount of touches that I’ve had, it’s not anywhere near where I’ve been throughout my career, but guys that understand the game, and just to help you guys understand the reason I’m not getting that amount of catches is because of the defensive coverages.

“A lot of guys and teams are rolling coverage my way, so a quarterback’s regression is not to force the ball and not to throw the ball in the cover-two, and that’s where I’ve had the limited amount of targets. I understand that, and it’s up to the coaching staff and everybody involved to communicate and try to create some ways to get myself more involved. And I think we’re doing this. It’s a work in progress.

“As of now you see that I haven’t had any gripes about anything, I’m just going with the flow of what’s going on, and going with the plays that are called. Again, there are plays that I need to make that I’m not making out there, and I put that on my shoulders.”

When asked if he’s being defended differently he offered this response.

“No, again, I’ve faced a number of coverages throughout my career. Obviously, with those coverages, the coordinators have been able to move me around in the offense, create plays and do things with formations and shifts and things of that nature,” said Owens. “And with this offense, it’s not like that. So I understand that and you just have to go with the plays that are called, again. I put the amount of plays that have come my way and I’m not making, I have to put that on my shoulders because I have to make those plays.”

 Carolina WR Steve Smith was very vocal about his displeasure after catching one pass for four yards against Tampa last week in their 28-21 win. Owens was asked if he can relate to Smith.

“Well, yeah, I feel his frustration,” said Owens. “I know where he is coming from. Especially when you know you can play this game at a high level and for whatever reason I can’t really comment on why he’s not being involved. Obviously he’s voicing his opinion, and I’ve been there before. They have to deal with that on that side, but I totally understand where he is coming from, especially when you feel like you have the talents to be a game-breaker, as you’ve always been, and for whatever reason, it’s not getting done down there. For myself, I understand the situation that I’m in here, so every day I just go out and practice hard and try to get better everyday.”

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