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Owens biding his time

Posted by Chris Brown on October 28, 2009 – 4:29 pm

Terrell Owens was pretty up front about his production numbers thus far this season and is anything but proud of them.

When asked Wednesday what he thought of his receiving numbers Owens offered the following description.

“They’re pathetic to be honest,” said Owens. “Definitely, for myself it’s very very frustrating. I hear a lot of people saying I’ve hit the wall, I can’t play anymore, this and that. I mean, I know I can play, but that’s hte thing. I understand what’s going on with this team. From a team standpoint, we’re going to have to do the little things to help win games.

“We know we’ve got a lot of rookies on the offensive line. We’ve got a lot of injuries, a lot of new guys filling in. So we’ve got a lot of first-year guys on the front line. Teams are knowing that and scheming and pinning their ears back and bringing a lot of pressure, so that’s not allowing us to really throw the ball downfield and get a lot of those timing patterns in as we would like.

“So that’s why we have to take advantage of those opportunities as you saw two weeks ago when lee caught a slant and went to the house.”

Owens seems to understand the Bills have an offense that’s still trying to find itself and with injuries and youth getting him involved on a weekly basis early and often is easier said than done. When it changes for the better seems to be a matter of time and Owens is exercising great restraint in going with the flow.

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