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Jacoby Jones has some stones

Posted by Chris Brown on November 1, 2009 – 1:59 pm

Texans punt returner Jacoby Jones is doing something I’ve never seen before in pre-game warmups.

Typically before games punters and kickers are out on the field first to get a last gauge on how the weather conditions are affecting their kicks to inform the coaching staff.

They often punt balls to their equipment managers who retrieve the balls and get them back to the long snapper at the other end of the field as quickly as possible.

But their was an interloper today on the field. Texans punt returner Jacoby Jones ventured to the Bills side of the field and began catching Brian Moorman’s punts in pre-game warmups.

I’ve got to give him credit to trying to prepare for what he’ll see in the game. It’s a bit of a bold move, but no one chased him out of there. Jones will be that much more ready for a Moorman punt.

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