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How Bills D-line improvises

Posted by Chris Brown on November 7, 2009 – 10:00 am

As we explained in our pass rush story on the home page today, Buffalo’s veteran defensive linemen have been given the freedom to improvise with their pass rushes by the defensive coaching staff. Chris Kelsay explains how it happens.

“We’ve got total communication out there all the time. We have our calls coming in from the sideline with Paul (Posluszny) handling that in the headset, but we’ll set something up while they’re determining what we’re going to play,” said Kelsay. “If it’s a blitz, obviously we just take the stunt or whatever (tackle-end) game we just talked about off, otherwise we go with it.

“We’ve gotten to the point where certain down and distances combined with the knowledge of the opponent and where we are on the field we kind of know what to expect from Perry (Fewell) and what call he’s going to give us. If he has us going four man (rush) we’ve already discussed it, and if he wants us to blitz we just ‘ice’ the stunt and we run the blitz.

“We communicate better and play off of one another better and we’re having fun. Any time you do something as a team or as a group there’s just something special about that. Prior we were running stunts that were drawn up on the blackboard and most of the time you know who is going to make the play. But with this your buddy is helping you out and he’s just as much a part of making a play as you are and vice versa and it’s fun to play like that.”

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