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Whitner stumping for Byrd Pro Bowl

Posted by Chris Brown on November 9, 2009 – 4:50 pm

Donte Whitner was busy campaigning for fellow safety Jairus Byrd on Monday. When asked about the rookie, who leads the league in interceptions, Whitner believes the Pro Bowl is realistic for the young defensive back provided he can turn in some similar plays in the second half of the season.

“Hopefully he gets to go to the Pro Bowl if he makes some more interceptions,” said Whitner. “I think the record is 14. He has to have a great second half and make more plays on the football.”

Whitner is right. Hall of Famer Dick “Night Train” Lane of the Los Angeles Rams still holds the record with 14 INTs in a 12 game season back in 1952. Oakland’s Lester Hayes is the only modern era player that has come close with 13 in 1980.

What impresses Whitner the most is the rookie’s ability to intercept tipped passes.

“He has a knack for those tipped balls,” Whitner said. “He has seven and I think five of them or four of them are off tips. It’s tough to catch those tipped balls because they can go in any direction and you have a split second to get it. He’s really good with that. Once he really understands what’s going on and how offenses are trying to attack him he’ll be even better than he is now.”

And that is a scary thought (in a good way) in light of how productive he has been of late.

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