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McGee in wait and see mode

Posted by Chris Brown on November 10, 2009 – 11:17 am

Coming off of his minor knee scope, Terrence McGee is in wait and see mode.

McGee has never had a surgery during the season, so he’s hopeful his knee responds when he tests it on Wednesday.

“I’ve never had it,” McGee told “This is the first time. It’s kind of different for me, but luckily we could wait until the bye week to get it done.”

When we asked him if he could already feel a difference in his knee after getting his torn meniscus cleaned up, he said he won’t know until he gets out on the field.

“As far as right now I really can’t tell if there’s a difference because I haven’t recovered from it,” he said. “But when I do fully I might notice that difference.”

McGee said he plans to practice Wednesday, but it’s expected that he’ll be limited and hopefully feel good enough to do a little more each practice day leading up to Sunday’s game at Tennessee. McGee played for four weeks on the knee after initially suffering the injury against Miami in Week 4.

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