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Fan Friday 11-13

Posted by Chris Brown on November 13, 2009 – 1:45 pm

A Friday the 13th version of Fan Friday today. Questions as always can be sent to me at Let’s get going.
1. Chris, Buffalo has struggled with their pass offense the past years.  You have to go back to the beginning of the Bledsoe era to find when we had a dynamic pass offense.  Why is Dick Jauron so against using motion in the offense?  We have to be the only NFL team that does not use it regularly.  Couldn’t this help Terrell Owens and Lee Evans?
Simi Valley CA

CB: We saw a little bit of it against the Texans, but motion has been noticeably absent for most of the year. Alex Van Pelt addressed it to a certain extent during the bye week. I’d also like to see Owens and Evans in a stack look at times as well. They’ve moved Owens around formationally, but not Evans. I agree more pre-snap motion could help.



2. Aaron Maybin has had minimal impact as a pass rusher so far this season.  He continues to attempt a speed rush and the Offensive Tackle just rides him out of the play.  Is he too stubborn to use counter or spin moves, or is he just not physically mature enough yet to be able to handle the NFL?  Isn’t the D-line coach in his ear?
Ed W.

CB: Part of the reason for Maybin’s lack of impact is he’s behind veteran ends on the depth chart. The other big factor is that the Bills have rarely played with a lead putting their opponent in a position where they have to throw. That leads to fewer opportunities to rush the passer and fewer opportunities for sacks. The defensive staff made a concerted effort during the bye week to find ways to get Maybin more opportunities. We’ll see what happens in the second half of the season.

As for counter moves, Maybin has told me he continues to work on them, but they are a work in progress. I believe he has some growing to do having just turned 21 in April. He’s still a young prospect.



3. What happened to Fred Jackson, definitely love Lynch but the running back position is not as productive as earlier in the year, maybe I’m missing something?  What’s up?

CB: Fred is the primary return man now and is still getting carries, but less than half at this point. Making the production of the run game more challenging is the fact that the offense can’t convert third downs. That leads to shorter possessions and fewer plays from scrimmage for the offense. Fans were irate that Lynch and Jackson each had only nine carries, but when you realize that the offense ran just 45 plays against Houston, you see the problem. If they sustain more drives they’ll both get more touches.



4. Chris,
I know we are log-jammed at the WR position…but why no # 13 Stevie Johnson?  He has shown he can play and get touchdowns, something we lack…why not shake it up…put him on the edge in the redzone or the slot?  The question to me is : why not?
Peter Bandelian

CB: There is a lot of support for Steve Johnson among fans and I too wouldn’t mind seeing more of him. Anything to shake the offense out of the doldrums. That could happen this week if Terrell Owens is unable to suit up for Sunday’s game. Johnson is expected to be the first WR off the bench.



5. Chris do you see issues with Trent being the QB of the future? Now with his concussions and reluctance to throw the ball deep I wander what the coaching staff’s thoughts are? What are your thoughts? Thanks again.
Wes Dickson

CB: I think these last eight games will be a big factor in what the Bills’ decision makers determine needs to be done at the quarterback position. If Edwards’ performance in the last half of the season is not much different than that of the first half, I believe it will be difficult for the organization to avoid addressing the quarterback position in some other fashion. But let’s see what happens in the second half of the season before passing judgment.

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