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Wilson to have 150 on hand

Posted by Chris Brown on November 15, 2009 – 9:00 am

Bills safety George Wilson doesn’t get to play in front of his family and friends all that often. Buffalo’s game in Nashville against the Titans is as close as his team will come to his native Paducah, Kentucky. So he’s bought 150 tickets for Sunday’s game.

“It’s mostly family and friends that will be coming,” said Wilson. “I have relatives in Nashville, but the majority of fans are coming down from Paducah. It’s about a two-hour drive. My phone has been ringing off the hook this last week or two. Everybody is calling and telling me how excited they are to see me play in person.”

Wilson needed 100 tickets for last year’s game in St. Louis, about a three-hour trip from Paducah, but a lot of his supporters coming to game Sunday have never seen an NFL game live.

“A lot of people from my hometown have never been to a professional football game,” said Wilson. “I’m doing it to say thank you to my community and my family and friends for investing themselves in me on my journey to where I am. It’s a small token of my appreciation. I’m excited.”

The last time a lot of Wilson’s supporters have seen him play in person was in college when his Arkansas Razorbacks traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to face the Wildcats in an SEC matchup in 2003.

Wilson apparently plays pretty well in front of his hometown faithful because in that Arkansas game against Kentucky, he had a career high 172 yards receiving on nine catches and a touchdown in the Razorbacks 71-63 overtime barn burner over the Wildcats.

Now he’s on the other side of the ball playing safety, but he’s expected to start Sunday.

“It’s amazing how it all lined up because I’ll be starting,” said Wilson. “So I hope they enjoy it and have something to cheer about.”

So if you’re watching the game on TV today and you see a bunch of number 37 Bills jerseys in the stands you’ll know where they’re from.

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