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Most Bills surprised by Jauron dismissal

Posted by Chris Brown on November 18, 2009 – 9:49 pm

After talking to several players in the Bills locker room Wednesday, it’s clear that most of them were caught off guard by the firing of Dick Jauron on Tuesday. Here’s a run down of player reaction to Jauron’s termination.

Lee Evans
“I think it was for everybody pretty shocking to learn about it and just to see how it all came about. We don’t necessarily know all the reasons behind it, but right now it is what it is.” 

Aaron Maybin
“I was pretty surprised when I heard about it, but obviously they made a decision and that’s the direction they chose to go and we as players have to make those adjustments.”

Kyle Williams
“It’s always hard. Coach Jauron, they drafted me here. I think if you ask anybody in here they’ve got the utmost respect for him.”

Jairus Byrd
“I was surprised. I didn’t even know. I was getting my hair cut and people were texting me and coach got fired and I was taken back. I don’t know. This is my rookie year so I’m still learning and I’m learning with a new coach. Taking it all in stride I guess.”

Terrell Owens
“What’s new? Number one, that’s the nature of the business and obviously you never want to see a coach get fired, a player get released, but that’s just the nature of it and you just have to- within 24 hours you deal with it. I reached out to Coach (Jauron) and thanked him for the opportunity, for allowing me to play here and play under him and I wished him well. So at this point, you just have to move on.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick
“I can tell you that everybody in the locker room respected Coach Jauron. In the highest regard everybody thought of him, almost as a father figure just in terms of the way he went about his business, what he expected from us and the respect that he gave us.”

Marshawn Lynch
“Yeah. Been here with him for three years and I took some time to try and you know meet him and really build a relationship with him and then on our off day to turn on the TV and see that he’s gone. Just got to keep pushing.”

Andy Levitre
“I wasn’t expecting him to go as soon as he did. But we haven’t been playing to the best of our ability. I kind of saw it coming. I didn’t want him to leave. He’s a great coach. I wanted him to stay, but it’s a cut throat business and I don’t have any control over what happened.”

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