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Whitner summons King James

Posted by Chris Brown on November 18, 2009 – 9:07 pm

Donte Whitner playing off the played up scenario on ESPN of the potential of LeBron James as an NFL player, tweeted LeBron encouraging him to take up an NFL career.

DonteWhitner    LeBron come to the NFL…..we can then finish that convo about our high school days and who wouldve did what lol.

Whitner is obviously joking around, but Whitner’s comment is based on some of what James had to say when asked about the prospect of playing NFL football.

”If I put all my time and commitment into it, if I dedicated myself to the game of football, I could be really good,” James told reporters before facing the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday. ”No matter what team I was on.”

 The Bills safety is a Cleveland product and James is from nearby Akron, Ohio. James played wide receiver in high school. Not sure what might come of the shout out. We’ll see if LeBron responds after his game Wednesday evening.

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