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An adjustment for Fewell

Posted by Chris Brown on November 19, 2009 – 4:11 pm

Among the many things he’ll be doing differently on game day as a head coach as opposed to a coordinator is coaching from the sidelines Sunday.

Though he has called plays from down on the sideline he has not done it this season. Fewell has been up in the coach’s booth calling plays every week as he likes to see how things unfold from above. As the head coach he no longer has that luxury. But he has a plan.

“I’ve been on the sideline before,” Fewell said. “I have a very good defensive staff. Coach April will handle the special teams. I have a lot of confidence in the offensive staff. We’ve talked about how we would like to manage and run the football game and we have a plan in place.”

Fewell said he plans to have an assistant coach serve as his eyes in the sky in the coach’s booth while he handles his head coaching duties while calling defensive plays from the sideline.

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