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More on the QB decision

Posted by Chris Brown on November 19, 2009 – 3:54 pm

Bills offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt was asked about the quarterback decision on Thursday and offered some of the reasons the coaching staff elected to go with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

“I just think a lot of different things played into the decision, but the fact is we need to win a game,” said Van Pelt. “Right now we feel he gives us the best chance to win.”

When asked why they feel Fitzpatrick gives them a better chance Van Pelt opened up a little more.

“Just a lot of reasons, experience, knowledge of the game right now might be a little bit better,” said Van Pelt of Fitzpatrick. “Pocket mobility. Some of the reasons he’s in there now is he did good things when he was in there. A lot of the lack of success while he was in there wasn’t all his fault also. The bottom line is we need to win and we need to find a spark to get us there and we felt like he was going to give us that spark.”

As for where that leaves Trent Edwards, Van Pelt said he’s the backup now, but noted that could change in a week or may not change the rest of the season.

“Trent is just going through the struggles of being an NFL quarterback,” Van Pelt said. “Year three we’ve asked him to do a lot, probably a little bit of it is our fault for asking him to do the things we have. But the bottom line in this game is you’ve got to find ways to make the plays and sometimes it’s a fine line between forcing the football in there and making the smart decision. With our guys right now we felt like we needed to get some of those balls thrown that weren’t thrown.”

Van Pelt’s comment is consistent with the popular contention that Fitzpatrick is more willing to take risk when throwing the football. And both Lee Evans and Terrell Owens expressed a degree of confidence in Fitzpatrick.

Nevertheless, interim head coach Perry Fewell stated its a week to week situation.

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