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Garrard: last TD play was well designed

Posted by Chris Brown on November 22, 2009 – 11:59 pm

Jaguars QB David Garrard commented on what proved to be the game-winning touchdown for Jacksonville in Sunday’s 18-15 win and explained how he felt the way the play is drawn up left the cornerback covering Mike Sims-Walker with little opportunity to succeed.

“My options there were start out on the front side, I think it was Marcedes (Lewis) and I think Ernest (Wilford) in the flats. That’s my first read, but I know if I have man coverage with Mike (Sims-Walker) running through a lot of guys, there’s going to be some pick action going on—not illegal picks, but just guys getting bumped off.

“With that I know there’s nobody over there so I can throw straight to him or I can do what I did and lob it up and give it some air because that DB sees him running the crossing route and he’s thinking, ‘If I undercut this, I have a chance to make a play on it.’ He doesn’t know I have the whole side of the field to work with, so however he plays it, it’s not a good situation for him.”

Reggie Corner was in coverage on the play and he did play underneath Sims-Walker, which is the right way to play it otherwise a TD pass is too easy. Forcing the lob is a harder throw, but Garrard was right, he had a lot of room to work with as there wasn’t another DB on that side of the field.

Sometimes opponents just call a better play than your defense does and you tip your hat. It was just tough to take at that point in the game.

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