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OT Scott pressing forward

Posted by Chris Brown on November 22, 2009 – 12:23 am

It’s been a rough few weeks for Bills OT Jonathan Scott, but rejoining his teammates has proven to be the best therapy in moving past the passing of his father.

Scott’s father, Ray Scott was a man the Bills tackle revered. Having been a former defensive end/tight end, Ray Scott was a ninth-round draft choice of the New York Jets in 1967. For the younger Scott succeeding in football was like a gift for his father.

His passing after a condition that got progressively worse was understandably difficult for the Bills lineman. Returning to the team on Thursday Scott felt better being around his teammates and focusing on football.

“Due to my situation at home it is always going to be in the back of my head,” said Scott. “It was definitely a lift off my shoulders being around my teammates and being around just the camaraderie that we have as an offensive line unit. It’s definitely helping me emotionally and I’m real excited to get back out there.

“Practice was therapeutic. I just say to this day that I love those guys for sticking behind me through a tough crisis. It just allows me to play at an even higher level just from a perspective of my father and honoring my father and just kind of do the things that he would want me to do.”

Scott is expected to serve in a backup capacity Sunday at Jacksonville.

He was only away from the team for six days, but in the time he was away his head coach was dismissed. 

“Despite what was going on in my life, it was kind of disheartening to hear about coach Jauron because he’s a good man and he’s a good person,” said Scott. “I’m saddened for his loss for this team, but you’ve got to keep on going. As my dad would always say, ‘You’ve got to stay in the buggy.’ I’ve got to keep that in my mind and stay in the buggy.”

I asked Scott if he’s dedicating the rest of his season to his dad. Scott is thinking much bigger than that.

“I think I’ll be dedicating the rest of my life to my dad,” said Scott. “The aspect of football, being a potential husband and father, everything. It’s sad that the simple fact of realizing that was done after he passed away, but I’m happy about it because now I know my purpose in this whole world now.”

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