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The ultimate killer on Sunday

Posted by Chris Brown on November 23, 2009 – 12:28 am

The Bills lost a tough game again in an 18-15 loss to Jacksonville, and what made it even tougher was the offense was more productive, but two touchdowns came off the board for the Bills on penalties.

The first called back a nine-yard touchdown run by Fred Jackson on a chop block penalty. Buffalo settled for a short field goal.

The second wiped out a great catch by Lee Evans in the end zone on a 53-yard touchdown play. That one came back on an illegal use of hands penalty. And that drive came up empty in terms of points. A touchdown there would have put Buffalo up 22-10. It wouldn’t have necessarily iced the game since there was better than 12 minutes left when the play occurred. But it would have been interesting to see how it played out if it stood up.

Interim head coach Perry Fewell, who threatened to chop fingers off of linemen that committed false starts, cracked after the game concerning the team’s six penalties.

“I don’t know if I can chop any fingers off,” he said. “But I can chew some ears off.”

Fewell apparently intends to be even more vocal this week in practice after admitting he got in some players’ faces last week.

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