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Interesting take on Cowher pursuit

Posted by Chris Brown on November 24, 2009 – 3:10 pm

While National Football Post guest columnist Robert Boland commends the Bills for trying to land the big fish in Bill Cowher, he believes there are a lot of factors at play concerning the Buffalo job and Cowher’s approach to the NFL coaching landscape.

Boland thinks Cowher’s decision not to meet with the Bills was done more to benefit his own leverage than interest or disinterest in the job. Knowing Shanahan will be listening, Cowher loses leverage knowing he’s in competition with Shanahan for the position. Of course that could back fire as it may be perceived as a lack of interest in returning to coaching.

He speculates that Cowher is looking for a very specific situation (close to his N.C. home, a roster with a proven QB and final say over all personnel matters). Tough to say that perfect storm type position will even exist this offseason.

In the end Cowher’s aim is apparently to have more than one team courting him at the same time thereby allowing him to leverage one team against the other (there’s that leverage thing again).

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