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Schottie addresses Bills coaching rumors

Posted by Chris Brown on November 24, 2009 – 2:55 pm

Former NFL head coach Marty Schottenheimer addressed the recent ESPN report that has him on a list of candidates for the Bills head coaching position.

Appearing on his radio show on the Sirius NFL Radio, Schottenheimer said the following.

“I think [the report] may have had something to do with a reunion of that 1965 Buffalo Bills team that we had,” said Schottenheimer.  “That’s probably a lot closer to the reality of it.  I was a bit taken back.  My wife looked at me kinda like, ‘Hello?’  And I said, ‘I’m home!’  It’s flattering but there’s nothing there.”

Schottenheimer went on to say he also doesn’t see himself as a GM anywhere in the league in the future either.

“I’ve never really considered the general manager thing other than some dialogue that I had with Clark Hunt (Chairman of the Board of the KC Chiefs) and it was more of a discussion about the various roles and can a guy do both or can a guy go from the coaching side of it to the administrative or executive side of it, if you will.  And certainly [Bill] Parcells has indicated that you could.  But to be very candid with you I don’t really think that I’m a candidate for any “GM” role first of all because I think it’s a totally different animal.  It’s not something that I would have an interest in. 

“And from the coaching standpoint of it, you know, I’ll be very candid with you and say it’s nice to think that people would consider you but the reality of it is is that after 30 great years I’m really not going to go back down that road again.”

I was kind of hoping Schottenheimer would feel differently because I think he’d be the perfect fit for the Bills in terms of what this team needs. He’s only 66 and the guy’s winning percentage (.613) is superior to that of all the Super Bowl winning coaches out there except for Cowher (.623).

And having previous ties to the Bills having been a former player only makes it better. People can knock Schottenheimer all they want for not winning the big one, or heck not even winning in the playoffs, but in a few instances his teams lost in the playoffs because they had no business being in the postseason in the first place. The guy gets the most out of players.

Just ask the Chargers, who are still wondering what happened to that 14-2 team from 2007, Schottenheimer’s last season as coach, though to their credit the Chargers have won five straight.

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