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Fewell asks for fan support

Posted by Chris Brown on November 25, 2009 – 3:33 pm

With a 1-8 record in their last nine home games, Bills interim head coach Perry Fewell is hoping the fans can provide some added inspiration.

“It is difficult to come home knowing you’ve only won one game at home,” said Fewell. “It has been difficult. All I can say is I need you there. We need our fans there. This is ideal weather conditions to have the Dolphins come in and play them here. And that was part of the reason for going outside (to practice) this week. We look forward to the opportunity to going out and playing in these type of conditions on our home turf.” 

Fewell had his players out in the rain, though he was not expecting it to rain that much. Still he felt playing out in the elements served a purpose.

“It made us focus and concentrate,” said Fewell of the weather. “I loved that it rained a little bit out there because the receivers had to focus and concentrate on the ball a little more. I wanted to get their attention from a details standpoint and the weather was not a distraction. It made them focus more. So we had a good crisp practice. I just felt like it was important to put the pads on and we live in the North Atlantic, you train in the North Atlantic.”

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