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Fan Friday 11-27

Posted by Chris Brown on November 27, 2009 – 2:18 pm

Let’s get right to your questions.
1. Do you think that Brian Brohm will be groomed into the next starting quarterback?  It is apparent that the organization would like to move on in the qb department, but do you think Brohm will be the guy or will they go after Clausen or another prospect in the draft?  If so, who do you like in the 2010 draft?
Joe Maciag

CB: I think a lot of it depends on who else is brought in at the quarterback position in the offseason. I agree, I believe the organization is going to move on in the QB department, but Fitzpatrick is still under contract for two more seasons and will likely be kept around for a veteran presence at the very least. But I think the team will look long and hard the QB prospects in the draft pool this spring. Still I do believe that Brohm is a part of the team’s future at the position.
As for those draft prospects I have to be honest, there’s no time for me to study up on them during the regular season. I usually get a handle on them in January and February watching games from this season.

2. Hey Chris,
I haven’t heard anything about Jauron coming back to say a final farewell to the team. One day he was the coach, giving a press conference and game-planning for Jacksonville, and the next day he was relieved of duties. I’m just curious if he was allowed to say something to the players and his now former assistants after being fired. He’s always been a classy guy and I’m sure he would have liked to say goodbye to the guys.
Josh (Pittsburgh)

CB: I do know that after being relieved of his duties following his meeting with Mr. Wilson in Detroit that he did return to One Bills Drive and addressed his staff, informing them that he would no longer be the team’s head coach. But being that it happened on the player’s day off the opportunity to address the team was not there. So it is my belief that he contacted the players in a different fashion, presumably by phone to wish them good luck and such.

Watching the Bills against the Jaguars. I saw Trent aimlessly walking back and forth. Why wasn’t he next to AVP or at least watching the plays?
I would like your opinion on Trent I felt he has the tools to be a NFL quarterback and I am wondering with Coach Jauron’s conservative coaching has taken the spark out of Trent. I guess I want to know did the Bills coaches ruin another quarterback or is he the David Carr of the Bills’? Thanks.

CB: I think there’s more than one guilty party in this equation here. First, I will say that I believe a great deal of Dick Jauron’s conservative approach did rub off on Trent Edwards and made him a more conservative quarterback than he was when he first came to the Bills. There is no question that Edwards revered Jauron as a coach perhaps more than anyone else on the team. And so it’s my belief that in an effort to succeed for coach Jauron he tried to adhere to every guideline the head coach communicated to him, and protecting the football was one of the top priorities.

When turnovers became a problem for him last season, there were glimpses of recovery, like the road win at Denver last season, but it never came all the way back. A weaker offensive line this season due to subtractions and youth didn’t help. But there were times this season where there were plays to be made and Trent appeared more concerned about the pass rush (understandable at times) than reading coverages. Thus he missed chances to make more things happen when he was in the lineup.

Ultimately, he couldn’t save himself with his own play, but there were other circumstances that contributed. It was certainly unfortunate to watch it all unfold.


4. Hey Chris,
Long time Bills fan here Season ticket holder as well. I see the Bills are in contact with Mike Shanahan(great choice)I thought they should have talked to him during last offseason. Anyhow hoping he takes the job. Would he finish out the season if he accepts the head coaching position or would he just wait and start in the offseason? I’m curious and hopeful he will take the job.
      Union City,Pa

CB: I think what Bills fans need to understand is that what the team is doing now is their due diligence in terms of gauging the interest of these big name coaches with whom they’ve been in contact. I don’t think for a minute they’ve expected to have one of these coaching candidates they’ve spoken with (Cowher, Shanahan, Gruden) accept a job on the spot, so it’s my belief the job hasn’t even been formally offered to any of them.

I think Russ Brandon has simply communicated that they would be interested in bringing them on board as the team’s head coach and what resources and commitment they’d be willing to give them to make them successful in Buffalo. Basically Brandon has presented them with what the Bills are prepared to do to land any one of them. Now those men know the score.

Still its unlikely that any of the candidates accept a position before seeing what the rest of the NFL landscape has to offer.
5. Hey Chris ,
Was just thinking out loud as far as the coach thing . What do you
think about Jim Harbaugh — We can see two things 1.) what he’s done
at Stanford since Trent was there  2.) what his brother has done at
Baltimore (good football DNA)  Wasn’t his dad a coach too ?? Anyway
— what do you think ?? He knows what it’s like to play in snow and
the cold & he wasn’t a bad Q.B. either .
Just something to think about .
Mr. T  Ft. Myers Fla.

CB: I think Harbaugh certainly has a lot of long term potential as a head coach, but the college game is much different than the pro game. Sure Harbaugh having played the pro game knows that, but I think the Bills would prefer to land a coaching candidate with a proven record on the pro level first and foremost.

There’s a semblance of doubt bringing a college coach on board with no NFL experience. Mr. Wilson does not want to have any doubt. He wants to feel confident in the coach he hires after a decade of hiring and firing.

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