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Tasker, Reed have HOF hurdles

Posted by Chris Brown on November 29, 2009 – 11:20 am

With Steve Tasker and Andre Reed once again making the list of Hall of Fame semifinalists, Bills fans are naturally hopeful that another August day in Canton will belong to them. But both of them have some other prominent names at their respective positions or phase of the game that could make enshrinement for them all the more difficult this year.

Reed, who has been a finalist three times already, may not get that far this year. Bad enough he had Cris Carter as a fellow finalist last year. Neither of them were voted for enshrinement.

Carter and Reed are again on the semifinalist list and joining them are Tim Brown and Jerry Rice. Rice is a lock for enshrinement. With a healthy contingent of HOF voters reluctant to parade receivers into the Hall every year, Rice is likely to be the only player at that position to go in.

The presence of Shannon Sharpe as one of the most prolific receiving tight ends on the list doesn’t help matters either.

For Tasker, his main obstacle is Ray Guy. There are many that believe if a special teamer is going to be enshrined, that the first should be Ray Guy. Guy is on the semifinalist list. If a special teamer goes in, Guy is expected to get the nod over Tasker. The only positive for Tasker if that happens is that special teamers will finally be viewed as Hall of Fame worthy.

The list of Hall of Fame finalists will be announced on Jan. 7.

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