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Dolphins CB whining about T.O. push off

Posted by Chris Brown on November 30, 2009 – 9:41 am

Terrell Owens 51-yard touchdown catch put the game away for the Bills on Sunday. It also left the man covering him, rookie cornerback Vontae Davis in a whiny mood about an alleged push off by Owens that Davis felt should have been called.

Davis told the Palm Beach Post that Owens received special treatment from the officials and that the Dolphins were not only playing against the Bills, but the refs as well.

“There was nothing else I could do about that,” Davis said of the TD catch by Owens. “I can do nothing about that. Wow. That’s all I can say is wow. We knew that we were playing against them and the refs. That’s tough. You can’t make the game close. After that, I just knew (the officials) were not letting us get out of here with that game.”

Sounds a lot like sour grapes.

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