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Fan Friday 12-4

Posted by Chris Brown on December 4, 2009 – 2:00 pm

On the heels of Thursday night football, here’s the latest Fan Friday installment. As always you can email me at

1.Why is it that so far with this playing in Toronto that they are division games? Why couldn’t they just make it a game that we play someone out of conference? Because not only are they taking home field advantage away but they are making the Bills play a team that might not be used to the cold like last year when we play Miami in the Toronto game, we had to play in the heat and they got to play in a dome, where normally they would be playing in the snow or cold which in the past has been a huge factor for the Bills. Why don’t they just take one of our NFC games and play it there so it doesn’t take away the home field when we play our division or AFC conference games b/c that could hurt the Bills when it comes to tiebreakers and stuff like that. Thanks for your time.                        

CB: First and foremost I should mention that the Bills have absolutely no say in what team they play in their Bills Toronto Series game. The NFL schedule is determined by the league and no one else. I, like you, would hope the league would understand the potential ramifications of scheduling a division game in Toronto, but the day the NFL starts taking those things into account is the day they’re accused of favoring some teams over others. It’s a slipper slope, but I understand your frustration.

2. Chris,
I am not sure if I am missing something or not.  What seems to be the problem with the coaching staff and Nic Harris. I seem to see him always around the ball when he does play. I don’t understand why the coaching staff would move Scott to OLB if Ellison can’t play, instead of starting Harris and leaving Scott at SS? Can you tell me what I am missing !!! I think Harris is going to be a hell of a OLB, he has the weight, height and coverage speed of a safety.

CB: I too like a lot of what I saw from Harris in the preseason, but the coaching staff obviously feels more comfortable with a veteran player like Bryan Scott. To Scott’s credit he’s played pretty well despite the fact that all the run/pass keys are different at the LB position as opposed to the SS position. The more important point is in a season where the playoffs do not look to be in the cards, why not get Harris some valuable experience at linebacker?

3. Hey Chris,
I was wondering how much better do you think the bills defense could be in a 3-4 scheme? Aaron Maybin could have a better effect as a pass rushing outside linebacker.  Also, Donte Whitner would be able to stay back in coverage to make plays in a 3-4 instead of having to play in run support as a strong safety in a 4-3.
Tommy of Pittsford

CB: For those two players I think you could make an argument, though I believe Whitner is at his best in the box. Beyond them, the only five technique defensive ends on the roster would be Spencer Johnson and Kyle Williams. Stroud is your only nose tackle option. There would have to be a lot of personnel moves to make it work up on the line, and the Bills are shorthanded at LB already in a 4-3. It is a good draft for DTs though.

 4. Chris –
Have the Bills discussed or would they be interested in changing their uniform look.  I would rather see the Bills wear their Blue tops with their White pants for home games….like they use to.  Any chance that might happen?  A new look might bring about a new look in terms of their play.  Just a thought.  I welcome your feedback.  Thanks

CB: For some reason a couple of seasons ago the blue-on-blue look became popular and the coaching staff allowed it. The Bills aren’t the only team that has taken the approach. I too prefer blue jerseys white pants, which is what they do with the blue throwbacks. Not expecting it to change any time soon though.
5. Chris,
Have the Bills put themselves between a rock and a hard place at the QB position?  Edwards is not the answer and if the Bills bosses think so, then we are in more trouble than we can imagine.  We also have no one else on the roster who is worthy of a shot to lead this team.  Is Edwards up for a new contract?  If so, what do they do about that?  Do you draft one next year and then waste another 2 to 3 years waiting for his development?  Sign a quality back-up from another team?

CB: I think the quarterback position will be one that sees changes this offseason. Trent Edwards still has a year remaining on his contract, but his time in Buffalo has likely come to a close now that he’s been reduced to a backup. Brian Brohm is part of the future at the position and might have a chance to compete for the starting job next year. I think the Bills will take a long, hard look at the prospects in the draft to bring another on board. I believe Ryan Fitzpatrick is here next year as he has proven to be a very capable backup that can step in and win you a few games if called upon. But a true franchise-type talent is sorely needed at the position.

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