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1st qtr could determine a lot

Posted by Chris Brown on December 13, 2009 – 7:12 am

The way the first quarter shakes out between the Bills and Chiefs could determine a lot as to how this game goes today.

The Bills, who have struggled to score points all season actually start games pretty well. They’ve outscored their opponents 57-30 in the first quarter this season.
The Chiefs on the other hand struggle mightily in the first quarter. They’ve been outscored 76-19.

In fact on their opening drives this season the Chiefs have scored a TOTAL of 3 points. One field goal all season, which is astounding.

If the first quarter plays out the way these numbers indicate the Bills should be playing with a lead going into the second quarter.

Of course Bills fans are wary of Buffalo’s inability to finish games in the fourth this season.

While that’s a legitimate concern they can rest easy knowing the Chiefs, despite a ton of garbage points late in games this season, have also been outscored in the fourth this season 91-84.

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