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Brohm: “I’ll be ready if called upon.”

Posted by Chris Brown on December 16, 2009 – 2:42 pm

It’s been about a month that Brian Brohm has been on Buffalo’s roster since he was signed off of Green Bay’s practice squad. The offensive system has steadily become more and more familiar to him. But getting an opportunity on the field before the 2009 season is over looks remote at best at this point in time. Still it hasn’t discouraged Brohm from being ready if he gets the call.

“Anybody that plays in this league wants to be on the field and I’m no different,” said Brohm. “For now I’m just working hard to get better. I’ll be ready if called upon.”

Brohm chose to sign with the Bills despite the fact that the Packers were willing to match Buffalo’s offer to keep him in Green Bay. But it wasn’t because of any assurance of time on the field.

“They didn’t promise me anything,” said Brohm. “They just wanted to bring me in, see what I had and told me the situation. I really had no expectations other than to come in here and work hard and get better and that I’ll be part of things moving forward to next season.”

With respect to the offense Brohm feels he has a decent handle on it, but not getting reps in practice makes it difficult to shorten the learning curve.

“I feel pretty comfortable with it, but obviously not out there running it and not getting reps… it’s definitely an advantage to get the reps,” said Brohm. “I’m just going off watching Ryan out there and just learning in practice.

“I’m learning as I go. Obviously if they made that decision I’d get those reps that week before I went into the game. And I’d feel more comfortable if I got those.”

Brohm admitted when he arrived in Buffalo that he battled some confidence issues initially in Green Bay, but felt he moved past those this past summer. That’s why even though playing time might not be in the cards this season he has a strong belief that when given an opportunity he’ll be able to the best of what he has to offer on display.

“I’m confident in my abilities. I just continue to push forward and I still have an opportunity next year if it comes to that where I don’t get in this year to still show them what I have. So I’m going to go out there and work hard every day to show everybody upstairs the talent that I have.”   

When asked if he’s been told anything specific about playing at the end of this year or next year he explained it’s hard for the organization to do that with the coaching situation tenuous beyond this season among other things.

“I haven’t been promised anything,” said Brohm. “Obviously there are a lot of things up in the air with this organization right now. Looking forward to next year nobody really knows what’s going to happen.”

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