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Fitz’s ankle injury on plant leg

Posted by Chris Brown on December 21, 2009 – 2:00 pm

Ryan Fitzpatrick injured his right ankle in the game Sunday and that’s important that it’s his right ankle. For a quarterback when your plant leg is compromised by injury it can compromise throwing mechanics.

Quarterback coaches constantly talk about the importance of footwork. For right-handed QBs their right leg is their plant leg and the top of their drop. With an ankle sprain it’s difficult to stick that foot in the ground and then drive off that leg to put your hips into a throw. It’s the leg the generates the torque and power QBs put into their passes.

Knowing he suffered that injury before his touchdown pass to Lee Evans, I’m wondering if the injury was responsible for the lack of zip on the TD throw.

“It was one of those back shoulder (throws),” said Evans after the game. “But it kind of floated a little bit so I just tried to get my body in position to make the play.”

When QBs can’t push off that back leg, passes can sail high sometimes or throws can lose velocity. That TD play is a bang-bang play where Fitz is supposed to zip it to Evans back shoulder where the DB can’t get it. But it hung in the air more than we’re used to seeing from Fitzpatrick on those kinds of throws.

The Bills QB wasn’t available for comment Monday. We’ll see if we can get him to comment on whether the ankle affected his mechanics or not.

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