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McGee hoping to be ready for Sunday

Posted by Chris Brown on December 21, 2009 – 1:36 pm

Terrence McGee’s right arm was in a sling Monday after sustaining a shoulder injury following a collision with Randy Moss in Sunday’s loss to New England.  He explained how the injury happened.

“Actually I thought I had an interception,” said McGee. “My eyes got real big and when the ball came real close, Randy just came out of nowhere and we collided and it just felt like a truck hit my arm.”

I asked Terrence if he thought jamming a receiver among other aspects of playing cornerback would be difficult in his current condition. He had a good answer for me.

“Putting on deodorant this morning was hard, so jamming a receiver is definitely not an option right now,” he said.

Having never been through a season where he’s suffered back to back injuries with the knee scope followed by the shoulder injury McGee is frustrated by what has kept him off the field. But he’s still holding out hope he can play Sunday.

“The team has been through a lot with injuries so I’m hoping this is nothing serious and I can finish these two games out,” he said.

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