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Fan Friday 12-25

Posted by Chris Brown on December 25, 2009 – 12:00 pm

Merry Christmas Bills fans. Wish the team had more to put under your tree this year. We can only hope the New Year brings positive change. I have faith that it will. Let’s get to it.

1. Hey Chris,
Any chance Owens stays next year?
Daniel Diaz

CB: I think the chances of Terrell Owens re-signing with the Bills is pretty remote. Owens has said he wants to play two more years, and he no doubt wants to be a bigger part of the offense than he has been this season in Buffalo. With a rebuilding project set to begin in Buffalo this offseason and a lot unknowns with respect to the offensive system, quarterback, head coach, general manager, I believe Owens will look to land with a more stable situation elsewhere in the league.

Of course there has to be demand for his services too, which wasn’t the case this past offseason. We’ll see what the market looks like for him, but with his career winding down I think he’d like to still be productive. So he’s going to go to a team where he has the highest probability of doing that.

2. What’s the latest on the Bills search for a GM?  Is there a search going on or are they going to wait until the season ends and try to fill the GM/Coach with one person?


CB: I think Russ Brandon is playing things very close to the vest on purpose. After all the reports about the Shanahan meeting, I think he’d prefer to keep the process out of the public eye.

I believe the Bills will try to hire a proven coach with a recognizable name. If that happens then I believe the director of Football Operations will be a young football man on his way up from a proven NFL front office.
If they cannot land a big name head coach then I believe the Dir. of Football Ops would be a recognizable name and he will hire a promising coach.
I think the big name will be in one of those positions or the other, but not both. Just my opinion.

3. Hello Chris,
Well, I have already moved into the next draft.  If T.O. does not re-up and a top veteran QB is not signed, I have a hypothetical question for you.  If both of these players were available to the Bills, would they select Dez Bryant or Sam Bradford?

CB: I don’t see them taking a receiver. Even though it’s not likely that Terrell Owens and possibly Josh Reed are not back with the team next season, I think receiver is not a top priority. The top position needs are quarterback, offensive tackle, linebacker and defensive tackle. I admire Bradford’s accuracy and command of an offense. He was super productive at Oklahoma his junior year.

But that throwing shoulder is going to have a lot of questions to answer coming off surgery and they might not be answered until right before the draft based on his prognosis. That’s a major, major concern when you’re investing a high draft pick. As great as that positional need is for Buffalo I just don’t know.

4. Chris,

After bringing back Buddy Nix earlier this year, do the Bills have any chance of landing a guy like Indy’s personnel director, Tom Telesco as GM? How about any other Bill Polian or John Butler/AJ Smith disciples? Have the bridges between the organization and those guys been completely burned?

Thanks for taking the time
Rome, NY

CB: No, I don’t think there are any burned bridges there. Bill Polian and Ralph Wilson are on much better terms than when Polian left the Bills organization. With respect to Tom Telesco I think he’d be a very good candidate. He’s been running the Colts pro and college scouting departments for years and he’s a Hamburg native.

I believe working for his hometown team is something he’d probably be interested in if offered a Director of Football Operations type role. Whether he’s on the Bills short list or not I do not know.

5. Hello Chris,
Have you heard anything concrete and/or rumoresque on the Bills search for a new coach?  Seems like that story went silent in a hurry. 
Thanks, Jim

CB: I think the situation now is the Bills cannot talk to any other coaching candidates they might be interested in because they are still working for other teams. By rule another team can’t speak to a coaching candidate currently working for another team until that team’s season is over and with permission from that team of course.

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