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Fitz tests ankle

Posted by Chris Brown on December 27, 2009 – 10:09 am

Ryan Fitzpatrick just completed a final test of his ankle here at the Georgia Dome this morning.

Fitzpatrick threw passes on and off for about a half hour with offensive quality control coach Nate Hackett. Two members of the team’s athletic training staff were also on hand.

It was clear that the biggest concern was Fitzpatrick’s mobility as they had him do several rollouts and play fake rollouts.

Fitzpatrick did not have his full mobility as he took smaller steps on his turns into and out of the rollouts.

So it appears it will be a matter of whether the trainers feel his mobility is good enough to play.

The Bills like to move the pocket with Fitzpatrick so if his mobility is compromised by the injury executing those plays will be difficult.

Stepping up in the pocket and shuffling forward, something Fitz generally does not like to do, could also be tough.

At the end of his throwing session he spoke with the trainers on the field for five more minutes before heading back to the locker room.

I think his ankle is good enough where he could play if needed, but it’s still not clear if he’ll start. We will have the inactive list and starting lineup changes just before noon.

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