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Owens on why he couldn’t adjust to ball

Posted by Chris Brown on December 28, 2009 – 12:09 am

There were a healthy number of Bills fans on the Live Blog during the game that felt Terrell Owens could’ve challenged the deep ball to the end zone in the first half that was intended for him, but intercepted by Christopher Owens. Here was Owens’ take on the play.

“It’s tough,” Owens said after the game. “My coach harps on that about me adjusting to the ball and coming back to prevent the interception. But it’s hard because you’re at full speed. I know I’m running as fast as I can so it’s kind of hard to adjust like that when you’re expecting the ball to be out front. When the ball is kind of underthrown and you’re running full speed and if you don’t locate the ball initially then it’s kind of hard to just stop on a dime to adjust to a ball.”

There was separation between Owens and the DB, and the ball was a bit underthrown and drifted inside. If he did indeed pick the ball up late he would not have had a chance to try to prevent the INT. Only Owens knows when he picked the ball up in flight.

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