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Nix addresses injury situation

Posted by Chris Brown on December 31, 2009 – 4:08 pm

The last few years the Bills have been beset with injuries with 17 players on I-R in 2007 and 18 currently here in 2009. Nix intends to research that problem that has cropped up more than once and see if he can’t get to the bottom of it.

“To me there’s a lot more to a player being successful than how he was picked or what he was when you picked him,” said Nix. “Obviously the selection process is first, but second you have to put him in an environment where he can get better. You’ve got to have good medical people, good strength trainers, you’ve got to have a coach that knows something about teaching.

“We ought to be getting better. They’re not rookies after about eight games. They’ve done moved up a peg. A lot of the things that happened to this team this year injury-wise is unbelievable and it’s a major concern. It’s something we have to address and determine if it’s something that we’re doing or not doing or whether it’s just bad luck, but i think we’ve had it two or three years in a row. That keeps you from getting better.”

Nix believes in the 2009 draft class, and is confident it will show to be a good class in two years time.

“I think this draft this year will turn out to be a strong draft,” said Nix. “I know everybody asks about Aaron Maybin. He’s a guy that you decide in three years if he’s going to be a really good player or if you missed on him. It’s too early.”

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