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Lombardi: “Bills have their guy in mind”

Posted by Chris Brown on January 7, 2010 – 10:21 pm

National Football Post and NFL Network reporter/analyst Michael Lombardi reported on NFL Network’s Total Access that the “Bills have their guy in mind” for head coach.

Here is his direct quote from the interview.

“You know Buffalo is quietly been going underground, they are doing their interviews. They interviewed Leslie Frazier. They are talking to a lot of people in the league. But somebody I spoke to in the organization tells me they are very close to making a descision. They think they know which way they want to go. Wouldn’t tell me which way they are going to go. But I think they have their guy in mind.”

Speculate all you want with this one, your guess is as good as anyone else’s. Bottom line though is while the Bills brass might have their guy in mind there are some hurdles still to be cleared.

First, the pick of Buddy Nix and Russ Brandon must get approval from Mr. Wilson, which usually involves a face-to-face meeting. Then they have to talk contract. There also could be the issue of the playoffs if the candidate is working for a playoff team.

If Lombardi is right though this could be wrapped up by early next week. Stay cool everybody.

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