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LB Draft takes Buffalo kids to movies

Posted by Chris Brown on January 8, 2010 – 10:41 am

Bills LB Chris Draft has taken 200 select Buffalo school kids to the movies with him to see ‘The Blind Side.’ But it’s more than just a few hours out of the classroom.

In partnership with the Buffalo Public Schools, the Chris Draft Family Foundation offered 200 students (selected based on academics, leadership and extra-curricular involvement) the opportunity to participate in a discussion and a the movie, featuring a private screening of ‘The Blind Side.’

As part of the Chris Draft Family Foundation’s Character Team™, Bills linebacker Chris Draft, along with teammates Jon Corto, Keith Ellison, will lead a discussion of the film, allowing the students to discuss the importance of character as a theme in the movie.

Following the film and discussion, the students will participate in an essay contest, encouraging them to use the film as a vehicle to convey their thoughts about history, current events, perseverance and other positive character traits. The student with the winning essay will have the opportunity to have dinner with Draft the weekend of January 16.

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