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Reed will again have uphill battle

Posted by Chris Brown on January 8, 2010 – 5:29 pm

While it’s great news that Andre Reed is a Pro Football Hall of Fame finalist for the fourth straight time, getting in this time around may prove to be the most difficult task yet.

The pool of candidates this year is even deeper than years past.

Also on the list at the receiver position alone is Jerry Rice, Tim Brown and Cris Carter, all of whom have superior statistics to Reed. Carter was a finalist with Reed last year and did not get in either.

Add in the fact that the second all-time leading receiver at the tight end position is also a finalist in Shannon Sharpe along with all-time leading rusher Emmitt Smith, who is a lock, and the deck is stacked against Reed maybe more than it ever has been in the past.  Unfortunately it is both a statistics and numbers game at the receiver position.

Voters factor the numbers in heavily and there is a contingent that believes there are already too many receivers in the Hall of Fame. Rice is a lock, but with a maximum of five modern era inductees (7 including the senior nominees) and a minimum of four inductees total, I’ll be surprised if there are two receivers this year, and there’s no way that there are three.  

I fear that Andre is going to be waiting another year… again.

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