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Rex’s comment very telling

Posted by Chris Brown on January 12, 2010 – 10:21 am

Jets head coach Rex Ryan has hinted before about his belief that at some point he’ll lose offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer to a head coaching job. But after the win over the Bengals he was the most telling he has ever been on the subject.

When asked about Schottenheimer’s play calling performance in the Wild Card win over Cincinnati last weekend, Ryan not only praised his coordinator, but explained how he has pretty much resigned himself to the fact that Schottenheimer will be gone after the Jets’ playoff run comes to an end. Here was his comment to Jets reporters after the game.

“I really don’t want to be honest what I think, because I want him here,” said Ryan of Schottenheimer. “He did a great job of mixing in the run and the pass and he called the game like a head coach. We could have called some more passes or some different plays, but we wanted to control the clock. Before the two-minute, he took a lot of time off the clock and just doing a tremendous job. I realize we’re only going to have him for as long as we’re in this tournament, but we enjoy having him right now.”

You’ve got to wonder if Ryan knows something that nobody else knows, or if he’s just talking up Schottenheimer in an effort to get him interviewed. I suspect the latter. Ryan and Schottenheimer share a lot in common. Both grew up under fathers that coached in the league, and Ryan waited a long time to get a head coaching job. He clearly believes Schottenheimer is worthy of a head coaching role and is doing what he can to put his name out there.

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