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Buffalo weather part of QB eval.

Posted by Chris Brown on January 21, 2010 – 5:48 pm

The evaluation of the quarterbacks currently on Buffalo’s roster will be taking place in the coming weeks, with head coach Chan Gailey entrusted with that task. And don’t think that Buffalo weather won’t be a factor in judging each one of their capabilities.

A QB’s arm strength isn’t the end all, be all, but it likely carries a little more weight for teams like Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Buffalo that play in cities where the weather come November and December can dish out some pretty nasty stuff.

Suffice to say it’s on the mind of Buffalo’s GM.

“You don’t bring a guy in here a quarterback for example that has questionable arm strength,” said Buddy Nix. “In this wind and this climate you’ve got to be able to throw through that. So you bring one in that can do that.”

Now Nix did not say it was necessary to bring in a QB with superior arm strength, just not a QB with “questionable arm strength.” Accuracy is probably a more coveted attribute in quarterbacks, but the ball does have to get there sooner rather than later too.  

“It’s an important factor,” said Bills HOF QB Jim Kelly, who believes the team is already weighing their options at quarterback to see if there is any way they can ensure more consistent play at the position.

“When you lose players like Eric Wood and Brad Butler on your offensive line it’s going to make life more difficult for quarterbacks like Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick to succeed,” said Kelly. “I feel for Trent and Ryan, but this is the NFL.

“I’m confident the front office is already looking to the college ranks on quarterbacks. They’re looking at what quarterbacks in the league might be available and what free agent quarterbacks will be out there.”

The pickings however, will be pretty slim at QB, especially with the new free agent guidelines keeping the unrestricted pool smaller. And the draft does not offer a deep pool of talent at the position either. A trade might prove to be the most fruitful route to take.

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