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Wilfork future with Pats?

Posted by Chris Brown on January 28, 2010 – 9:58 am

Free agent to be Vince Wilfork reiterated his stance on Boston radio this week stating that he wants a long term deal with the Patriots or explore free agency.

Appearing on WEEI radio in Boston Wilfork said the following.

“I want a long-term deal, or I want to be free,” he said. “Point blank.”

Unfortunately for Wilfork that won’t be his decision to make. It’s widely believed that the Patriots would put the franchise or transition tag on Wilfork.

So before fans of other NFL teams get all excited about the possibility of Wilfork being available to sign to a mega-deal, stop and realize that the Patriots do not let players the caliber of Wilfork walk away without getting anything in return.

In my opinion Wilfork is too important to New England’s defensive rebuilding effort to send him elsewhere even with the young Ron Brace on the roster.

If they do decide to move him, I would anticipate them doing something similar to what Tom Donahoe did with Peerless Price after the 2002 season. He put the franchise tag on him, found out which teams were interested and then did a sign and trade deal with Atlanta getting a first round pick in return for the following year.

Wilfork however, could potentially comnand more than just a first-round pick, which is why there’s no way New England lets him get away without some form of compensation.

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