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Unique asset for DeHaven

Posted by Chris Brown on February 1, 2010 – 11:54 am

Bills punter Brian Moorman has been through coaching changes before as the most tenured player on the roster. He’s also had two different special teams coaches in Danny Smith and Bobby April. With a new position coach coming in there’s usually a bit of uncertainty with what kind of approach they’ll have, but Moorman does feel good about one particular area of expertise with new special teams coach Bruce DeHaven.

“I know a lot about him just from talking to guys like Steve Tasker, Steve Christie and Chris Mohr and those guys, and they all speak highly of him so I look forward to working with him,” Moorman told “But most important is since he coached here for 13 years he knows the weather here and the stadium and he know what to expect and the adjustments we have to make to remain effective in it.”

Moorman in his time as a punter has run across special teams coaches that take the blind approach of telling their punter to “just kick it.” He knows with a veteran special teams coach like DeHaven, who also has knowledge of the wind patterns in the stadium as well as how the weather in Buffalo can impact a game, that they’ll be that much further ahead heading into offseason workouts. 

Even coach Gailey mentioned DeHaven’s knowledge of conditions in Ralph Wilson Stadium, which are unique, as an asset.

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