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Rams sound interested in Vick

Posted by Chris Brown on February 7, 2010 – 8:25 am

Though the Rams can’t come out and say they’d like to trade for Vick or acquire him because he’s still under contract to the Eagles, it’s clear that Vick is in their thinking after head coach Steve Spagnuolo and GM Billy Devaney spoke to select St. Louis media this weekend.

With the Rams’ QB situation about as undetermined as that of the Bills, and with Spagnuolo’s prior coaching ties to Philadelphia, it’s been widely speculated that St. Louis would be prime players for Vick’s services via trade. Spagnuolo however, would only address Vick in generalities, but did make it clear he thinks a lot of him as a player.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for Michael as a player,” Spagnuolo told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Everything I’ve heard out of Philadelphia is kind of good. We haven’t gone down that road in our process yet. I think he’s a terrific player.”

Spagnuolo told the Post-Dispatch that he really didn’t have a timetable for addressing the quarterback situation, but added, “That may direct itself depending on things that happen. And we know what we’re all talking about.”

He’s talking about trades or the draft, which apparently the Rams haven’t ruled out either when it comes to addressing their QB position even though they have the first pick in the draft. But GM Billy Devaney told the Post-Dispatch he believes there are a pair of first-round worthy QBs.

“Oh yeah, absolutely there are first-round guys,” Devaney said. “I think there’s a couple of them.”

Presumably those are Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen, but most would be shocked if one of them were taken first overall.

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