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Report: Shanahan leaning toward QB

Posted by Chris Brown on February 9, 2010 – 1:45 pm

According to the Washington Post, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan is “eager to draft and develop a young quarterback.”

The Post cites a league source familiar with Shanahan’s line of thinking, which in my mind doesn’t hold a ton of water since it’s second hand. Obviously with Shanahan’s history, which includes drafting Jay Cutler, and his propensity for offense it’s not surprising that this speculative report exists.

What I find interesting is ESPN’s Todd McShay isn’t convinced that QB will be the pick at 4 for the Redskins, which obviously could have a big impact on how the top 10 picks play out, and affect the Bills who sit at ninth overall.

“Bradford is fighting to get in the top 10 and Washington seems like the best fit, but something tells me they’re going to wind up going with a different position,”  said McShay on a national conference call. “They can’t afford with the first pick of the new regime to make a mistake and Bradford has just enough red flags that they may pass.” 

McShay goes on to point out that he could see Shanahan taking an offensive tackle at four knowing veteran LT Chris Samuels is expected to retire after a neck injury.

“Shanahan might like (OT) Anthony Davis,” McShay said. “Each one of the elite first rounders has something you point to that you’re not wild about. I don’t think (Okla. OT) Trent Williams played real well this year. He was dinged up and moved from right to left tackle.  (Okla. St. OT) Okung is physical at times, but not always. Then with Davis there are some questions about his maturity and injuries. But I do think that Davis would fit what they would be looking to do in terms of athleticism and getting out and moving. I think we’re going to see Anthony Davis move up the board. There’s a really good chance he’s a top 10 pick.”

Number four overall however, seems high for Davis, as there isn’t a consensus among talent evaluators as to whether he’ll be NFL ready on day one. Perhaps Washington trades down to grab their tackle for better value. Either way just hearing the divergence of speculative reporting on the direction Washington will take confirms that probably no one knows what they’re going to do.

If Washington does pass on a QB, the only other teams that are likely to take one before the Bills pick at 9 would be Seattle (#6) and Cleveland (#7).

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