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Fan Friday 2-12

Posted by Chris Brown on February 12, 2010 – 2:43 pm

Well the coaching staff is just about put together. Time for your questions. Remember email

1 – Chris,
At WR is T.O. gonna be a Bill for his last two seasons and are we gonna utilize Parrish more and Evans, my boy, when will he be the talent he was suppose to be (I mean putting up the numbers to be elite NFL WR)
Also O-line I think this is our #1 concern we didn’t look very impressive do you think the 9th pick will go to o-line and if so who?

CB: I am not anticipating that Owens will be back in 2010, but you never say never. I just get the sense from Owens that he wants to play for a contender with a proven QB. Right now the Bills don’t have an entrenched signal caller. Parrish I believe has a chance to do more under a coach like Gailey, who will take advantage of the things he does well which is gain separation, especially when put in motion.
If I’m Roscoe I’m encouraged with Gailey as the offensive play caller. Lee Evans is another skill position player that should be excited. Gailey unlike his predecessors has a history of finding ways to get his top playmakers the ball no matter what the coverage or defensive look is.

As for the offensive line I agree it’s one of the top concerns. A capable nose tackle is right there too however, with the move to the 3-4 defensive alignment. At ninth overall however, I think the value is at offensive tackle. I think Anthony Davis and Bryan Bulaga are worthwhile options. Okung figures to be off the board by then.

2– Chris,
What’s your thought on the LT prospects vs. defense prospects for the Bills 1st rd pick?

CB: I think the talent at DT is better at the top of the draft, but the Bills won’t get a whiff of Ndamakong Suh or Gerald McCoy. So with that in mind the better value after them is at OT. Russell Okung, Anthony Davis and Bryan Bulaga to me all represent good value at 9.

3 – Hi Chris
Like a lot of Bills fans I have been a little bit disappointed with Maybin’s production in his rookie year, but I’ve had a little look into it and he is pretty young for a rookie (almost 2 years younger than orakpo) so he could quite easily develop into a big player, especially considering a lot of NFL pass rushers don’t develop until later in their career.  What do you think Maybin’s chances are of developing into a decent NFL pass rusher given time?
from the land of the UK

CB: I think his chances are much improved now that he’s in a defensive system (3-4) that is better suited to his body type and talents. Now he’ll be rushing against backs and tight ends a lot more than defensive ends. It affords him better pass rushing matchups. The 3-4 is also more unpredictable for offenses in terms of where the pressure is coming from. So that too will help his production. You’re right, the guy is 21. He still hasn’t fully filled out his frame yet. I have faith that he’ll be productive in the near future.

4 – Hey Chris,
Just wondering what your thoughts were on Pike from Cincinnati? Is he someone that could be looked upon as the future? If so, can he start right away, even with a good O-Line? If we draft a QB this year, he most certainly will be looked as the future, correct?
St. John’s, Canada

CB: I have an affinity for Pike’s game. I like the way the ball snaps out of his hand. I think he has good physical tools, but he needs to bulk up (6’6” 212) or he’s going to be out of the lineup a lot. He was very productive at Cincinnati, looked cool under pressure in some comeback efforts. I see him as a prospect that needs to watch and learn for a year or two, but could be a productive starter in a couple of years time. Probably a third rounder.

5 – Hey Chris,
I know you’ve been voicing your hope that the Bills get a star offensive or defensive lineman with their first pick, and you’ve stated that you think the team needs a top-flight offensive tackle. I’m wondering how you think the rest of the line shakes out if that happens.
Thanks and Go Bills!

CB: If the Bills do draft an offensive tackle with the first pick, I anticipate that player ending up as the starting left tackle. We’ve seen the impact young offensive tackles can make in their first year the past couple of seasons in the NFL (see: Jake Long, Michael Oher). I think there are prospects of similar caliber this year as mentioned above.

I think that just makes Demetrius Bell a swing tackle provided Butler makes a successful return from his ACL injury. Otherwise let Bell and Butler battle it out on the right side. If Wood is not ready for the start of the season hopefully Buffalo has re-signed Richie Incognito to start at right guard. Everything else stays the same.

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