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Kiper on QB vs. OT

Posted by Chris Brown on February 17, 2010 – 7:40 pm

The Washington Redskins pick fourth overall in the draft this April and has similar positional needs to that of the Bills who pick ninth. Mel Kiper shared the approach he would take faced with QB and OT as his top two positional needs.

On a national conference call, Kiper was asked specifically about Washington’s situation and whether he would take the QB or the OT with the Redskins pick at 4 and take an OT later. Here was his responsed.

“Would you rather have Anthony Davis (Rutgers) or Russell Okung (Oklahoma State) at four,” Kiper said referring to the highly regarded OTs, “and then Colt McCoy (Texas) or Dan LeFevour (Central Michigan) in the second round? Or would you rather have Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford at four, and then maybe a Bruce Campbell, the offensive tackle out of Maryland, or even a Bryan Bulaga (Iowa) if he fell down there? We’ve seen it happen before where tackles have dropped at times into the second round.

“In the case of a player like Clausen or Bradford, I would take the quarterback first. I have Clausen and Bradford rated higher than Davis and Okung. So I would go the quarterback first, then try to get the offensive tackle in the second round and hope that a Bruce Campbell or a Bulaga or somebody like that fell down to me.”

It’s an interesting approach Kiper chooses, but it’s not surprising since he’s one of the few draft prognosticators that has Clausen coming off the board at 4 to the Redskins. Some “experts” don’t even have Clausen rated as a first-round pick. So his rationale is a direct reflection of where he has Clausen ranked.

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