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How Veek’s injury happened

Posted by Chris Brown on February 24, 2010 – 9:05 am

Kawika Mitchell wanted to set the record straight on his injury, as he had been getting a lot of questions from fans on his twitter account so he laid it all out to

For those that don’t remember the exact play when he was injured in Week 5 against the Browns, it happened in the second quarter. It was a run play by Cleveland and Mitchell cut Jerome Harrison off. At the last second Harrison tried to juke Mitchell, but the linebacker turned quickly and was able to wrap him up despite not having the time to get his feet underneath him to make a textbook tackle.

Twisting his full body weight on his right leg, Harrison struck Mitchell’s leg a half-second later.

“It felt like a helmet hit it,” Mitchell told “I had the pressure on my right leg and then I started turning my body to the left and the helmet hit directly on my thigh and we think the helmet pushed the muscle off the knee cap.”

That kind of injury is just one indication of the kind of power that exists on an NFL field with mass and acceleration.

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