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Maybin’s artistic gift

Posted by Chris Brown on February 24, 2010 – 11:51 am

As we mentioned in this spot last week, LB Aaron Maybin was holding a weekend charity event entitled “A Celebration of the Arts” in his native Baltimore to benefit children in both his hometown and Buffalo. covered the event last weekend.

Here’s their write up on the event and Maybin’s second passion after football.

Through his foundation Project Mayhem, Maybin feels he’s making a difference. He’s glad that one of his outlets growing up is now enabling him to help kids looking for that same kind of outlet.

“I feel like I can help these kids to nurture their talents and kind of see things the way that I saw them, and see a little bit of … what it takes to make it to the next level of what you want to pursue,” said Maybin. “When my mom (Connie) passed away, other than football, [art] was the only [way] I could express myself, express my anger, express my frustration and not get in trouble. That became my tool to scream, to cry … that is everybody else’s window into how I’m feeling.”

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