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Combine primer

Posted by Chris Brown on February 26, 2010 – 10:00 am

Here is a listing of all the drills that the NFL prospects will be performing this weekend here at the NFL Combine.

Prospects participate in seven standard drills designed to test strength, agility, power and explosiveness.

40-yard dash:  In this test of speed, prospects start in a three-point stance and are timed at intervals of 10, 20 and 40 yards. The 10- and 20-yard splits are the strongest indications of raw speed.

Bench press: An obvious strength test, prospects bench press 225 pounds as many times as possible.

Vertical jump: This is a test of explosiveness, prospects start from a flat-footed standing position and jump as high as possible, reaching with their fingertips to swat plastic flags extending from a pole.

Broad jump: A test of power where prospects start from a standing position and use their entire bodies to jump outward as far as possible.

Three-cone drill: This is a test of quickness and agility. Prospects start in a three-point stance and maneuver through three cones set up in an L shape, with the cones 5 yards apart. The athletes must always run forward as they change directions to go around the cones.

20- and 60-yard shuttles: These shuttle runs are tests of lateral speed and coordination in which prospects must change direction. In the 20-yard drill, each player is timed running 5 yards laterally, then 10 yards the opposite direction, then 5 yards back the other direction. The 60-yard drill adds endurance, requiring players to run three back-and-forth sprints of 5, 10 and 15 yards – a total of 60 yards.

Position skills tests: Prospects go through drills designed specifically for positions, such as throwing for quarterbacks and catching for receivers.

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