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A 2nd rd pick for McNabb?

Posted by Chris Brown on March 24, 2010 – 2:39 pm

According to a Philadelphia Daily News report, landing Eagles QB Donovan McNabb via trade would require a lot less than what was originally reported earlier this offseason.

Though the report appears to put words in Eagles’ coach Andy Reid’s mouth, by stating that McNabb is on the market, when all Reid said at the owners’ meetings today was that they’ve been “listening and keeping their ears open,” the report did cite a source that indicated it would take only a second-round draft choice to secure McNabb in a trade.

Earlier this offseason it was reported it would take two ones and a three to get McNabb, then it was just a straight first-round pick. The reason there were no suitors is because any team that acquires McNabb in a trade would presumably need to sign McNabb to an extension and the vet would be expecting big money. Some teams might be skittish to hand double-digit millions per season to a 33-year old QB that’s had his share of injury problems.

In all fairness, Reid did talk a bit out of both sides of his mouth at the owners meetings reiterating his stance on McNabb’s current standing saying, “Donovan is our starter. I can’t make it clearer than that.”

He later admitted that McNabb’s spot on the team’s depth chart was how it was “today,” leaving the door open to things changing. Reid did not reveal what teams had been in contact with the Eagles about their quarterbacks and who might be available via trade.

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